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Vida Cabinets INC
Vida Cabinets INC
Vida Cabinets INC Vida Cabinets INC Vida Cabinets INC Vida Cabinets INC Vida Cabinets INC Vida Cabinets INC Vida Cabinets INC Vida Cabinets INC Vida Cabinets INC Vida Cabinets INC Vida Cabinets INC Vida Cabinets INC Vida Cabinets INC Vida Cabinets INC Vida Cabinets INC Vida Cabinets INC Vida Cabinets INC Vida Cabinets INC Vida Cabinets INC Vida Cabinets INC Vida Cabinets INC
Vida Cabinets INC
Address: 225 Stanley Street Elk Grove Village Illinois 60007
Phone: (847) 258-4468
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Generations Of Fine Cabinetry.

It all started back in Poland with Vida’s lead craftsman. When Andy was a child, he would spend countless hours watching his father and grandfather build beautiful furniture, hand-crafted down to the finest detail. Andy watched and learned the old trade secrets of these European experts, and decided at an early age that this is what he wanted to do — and do it better than anyone else. Andy started Vida Cabinets with that goal in mind.

Your home is your temple, it's where you spend most of your time, it's where you entertain your guests and clients, its where you raise your children and it's where you prepare your meals and enjoy your best memories. Because of all of these things you want your home to be uniquely yours. You want your home to feel prestigious, you want your guests to be star struck with your decor and you want your space to be inspiring to designers and future generations alike. Although floor finishes and paint is important, there is nothing that sets your home apart from the crowd like custom cabinets. Custom cabinets however are not all carved from the same stone and the finish and craftsmanship of your custom kitchen and bathroom makes all of the difference.

You want a new style kitchen, an outlandish and modern office space, a unique closet system or simply for opulence to ooze out of every inch of your home. To get there you have to partner with the right company for the job and at Vida, luxury and prestige come first. Our gorgeous custom cabinet solutions will be made uniquely to your space. Our cabinets are all hand crafted in the United States and made from the finest materials known to man. We only accept the highest quality woods, paints, finishes and details in the kitchens we create, because to us your kitchen is art.

Our custom cabinetry isn't just an upgrade, it's an experience. It all starts off with our designer evaluating your space to create the ideal fit and solution for your home to maximize your shelf space and to highlight the rarity and aesthetics of your luxurious home. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern finish featuring slab highlights and award winning door handles or a rustic country feeling with wood that fills your interior with the essence of the forest we have got it. Perhaps you prefer a more royal approach to interior design that makes you feel like you are lord or lady in Southern California. Perhaps you want a high quality wood finish that gives you that feeling of being in surfers paradise. Whether for your kitchen, your bathroom, your office furniture or your business interior Vida is ready to handle the most exquisite tastes with the rarest and finest cabinets, vanities, closets and finishes.

At Vida we claim our glory from having decades of luxury custom cabinet experience and serving affluent areas like Winnetka IL, Wilmette IL, Gold Coast IL, Burr Ridge IL, Los Angeles CA, Orange County CA, Hollywood California, Beverly Hills California, New York New York and Naples Florida. Our luxury cabinets are in the finest homes in the finest parts of the country and now they can be in your home. Call us to discover the best made in USA hand made fancy custom cabinets and custom closets that will make your home feel like a motion picture.

One feel of our cabinet doors and you will feel the difference American made products can provide to your unique space. The film industry may tell you to buy American when it comes to furniture, cars and more, but we tell you to buy American but buy quality first. At Vida all of our products, woods, slabs and handles are sourced from the highest quality manufacturing facilities and screened for various imperfections. Once you see your kitchen design come to life with our high tech visualization process you will know that Vida has the custom kitchen cabinets fit for a star like you. Call today or come to our showroom in Elk Grove Village to learn about the Vida difference. Discover the "Versace of Cabinets".

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How To Start?
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