Start the New Year Right! Start it with a new kitchen!

Published: 13-01-2021

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Kitchen Designer
Start the New Year Right! Start it with a new kitchen. From the very first moment of your idea to the finish, we can help, because you came to the right place. Kitchen Design Chicago is the perfect place for you to get inspired and find the best rated service provider for design, mockup and even installation.  From the idea to the realization, at Kitchen Design Chicago we have all the steps covered.

At Kitchen Design Chicago we have the best providers, the highest rated contractors and hand selected designers, architects and more.  At Kitchen Design Chicago we do the heavy lifting for you.  You want the best, you want the highest rated, you want tested and tried and that is what we provide, the best rated providers of all services revolving around the kitchen.  This is the year, 2021 can be your year for a new kitchen, regardless of the style.
So how will you start your 2021? Will you get a modern kitchen, a transitional kitchen, a traditional kitchen, or something more fashionable? The world is your oyster when it comes to your new kitchen in 2021. First you need an idea, and for an idea you need a designer. That is where we come in, our e-catalog will inspire you with finest designs that are happening in our glorious Chicago. Become a part of the elite kitchen owners with the best of the best. 2021 can be your year.

Modern Kitchen
Different Designs and Styles
Though our designers will tell you that every kitchen is a work of art because it is, there are some major and most popular styles, and it will help you start your year for 2021 by knowing which kitchen type fits your lifestyle. The most popular styles include but are not limited to: Country Farmhouse, Modern, Cottage Charm, Contemporary, Mediterranean, French, Coastal, Old World, Traditional and Transitional. Many of those words may mean something to you, but they all represent different styles and methods, color combinations and finishes.  But worry not, we will help you uncover all the fine details of each style so you can find yours, or if none of them seem like your type then you can truly test our designer’s talents, we promise they will not let you down.

Country Farmhouse
Country Farmhouses are pretty much what you would imagine when hearing that word combination. A mix of plain colors, wooden finishes and cozy appeal this kitchen style is ideal for the family-oriented home that needs an inviting, open kitchen that is ideal for family cooking sessions and board games.  This style feels lived in and exudes the feeling of warmth and family in it. This style is ideal for those yearning the rustic, old look, and those feeling a bit older school.  The colors are calm and warm, rather than bright and out there and the worn wooden touches add an aura of comfort and yet even though it’s cozy and warm, our design and installation teams can truly make it luxurious and opulent. Want some inspiration? Check out our gallery and some of our preferred providers of Country designs.

Modern Designs
This design style has been growing more and more popular with each year.  Sleek, simple yet sophisticated and full of utility options this iconic looks rocks many penthouses and high-rise condos in Chicago as well as tons of villas in towns like Winnetka and Burr Ridge. These kitchens usually feature more bright colors, sharper angles and exotic materials incorporating woods, metals and even stone slabs into the mix for a daring and bold approach.

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How To Start?
How To Start?
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